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    Hey fellow taggies!

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  • About Me

    • i'm a die hard rocker since birth~~play stairway to heaven at my funeral kind of thing - free bird by skynard--sweet home alabama-((well,i used to be a rocker.. im mellowing out since i began this profile.😇now it's 2017. listen to alot of relaxation music now to help me de-stress and also help me sleep))~~~i like the genres of 50s doo wop, rock a billy (elvis, jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, johnny cash, etc), hard rock, rap rock, metal, speed metal, punk, grunge, new wave, swing, world music, new age, alternative, jazz, blues, R &B, soul, big bands, (benny goodman, dorsey bros., glenn miller, etc.) crooners like michael buble, harry connick jr., frank sinatra, tony bennett, nat king cole. jazz and torch singers like etta james, billie holiday, dinah washington, ella fitzgerald and diana krall .....old stuff~~~~~

    • i love classic movies and i am a big 50s sci fi movies fan. i like to also watch quality foreign movies and animation.

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    • art, history, biographies, spirituality, self help, crime detection, mythology, sci fi, horror, homeopathy, cat books, flower arranging, home decor, classic literature, zoology, natural sciences, philosophy, egyptology, ufology, meta physics, paranormal, anthropology, astronomy,paleontology,archeology~~ ~my favorite color~~purple~ and all shades therein ~~~

    • x games. olympics ~~~~

    • graphic design, photography, writing, history, science, diverse cultures, natural sciences, music, salsa and swing dancing, rock concerts, art, reading, movies, wine tasting, blues/jazz clubs, coffee shops, old hollywood, travel, animals, UFOs~~~~~

    • to make a living being an artist, to help animals, own a home one day, and travel through europe. australia, canada and hawaii~~~~~~~~~

    • eyes, hair~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Just trying to be a kind person as I travel through life. I'm an animal lover. They have great souls. 🦄

    • i'd like to have a sit down with jesus, buddha and mohammed and ask wazzup with the mortals on this planet? i mean, geez!

    • That we all live in an MGM movie musical! Awesome! Oh and I would like to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle... :)

    • DO NOT SEND ME PORN or R rated sexually suggestive comments~I do not like them and I find them insulting. I am not here to hook up with anyone. I am here for some nice respectful friendship. Thank you friends... :0)

    • Please do not send comments with songs attached~~~they clash with my profile music and makes a lot of noise on my page. They also slow my page down, so PLEASE NO SONG COMMENTS!!!!!

    • DO NOT SEND ME PORN !! I will delete you.

    • March 2017 Addendum: I'm sorry that I can't return tags and comments. I try when I can! I wish I could send tags and comments to you all, but I can only send 40 at a time. Not than I'm a star or anything! hahahaa I don't have a computer anymore. But I appreciate your kind thoughts. I try and read them all when I can get to a computer. Just have a smart phone, sorry. Can't see your whole profiles. Just photos. And I cant see my profile either. But thank you friends! They are much appreciated. It's nice to be thought of. Please no porn! It ticks me off in a big way! Luv u guys! Happy Spring! :)