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  • Baron Ironblood


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    Fortune favours the Brave

    Stop talking...kiss me!

    March 19, 2007



  • About Me

    • Different moods = different styles

    • Drama, war/adventure, romance, comedy, horror,....

    • hit by lightning (2nd time).

    • Read everything...believe nothing!

    • Target shooting

    • Apart from the occasional sunset by the sea, I often go around the islands, to the most remote hidden spots of beauty and untainted nature blended with history. Being a keen amateur historian and explorer, I often visit and explore old fortifications, buildings, tunnels unearthing their mysteries, secrets and GHOSTS. I love art, history, culture and music, as well as the theatre. Professional and pioneer in local military re-enactment scenario I collect practically everything including militaria, Melitensia, and anything unconventional or interesting. Items range from Ladies' make-up items dating from late Victorian days to an 8-tonne military vehicle. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and feelings in artistic ways, mainly through writing and painting, taking photos.. Anything to do with fire, good food, beautiful moments away from it all,camping, treasure hunting (the real thing), and a million other activities.

    • I have no delusions.

    • That is subject to your tastes and perspective. :-)

    • Let the Storm begin... ....Let it unleash its wrath in my face. I dare it to do its worst, for I shall triumph! Each day I die, only to rise again on every dawn in magnificence and splendour. The sombre clock ticks the days away, and carries me on from day to night, from darkness to light. While my fathomless mind takes me into eternity and beyond, to the heavens of freedom and the platitudes of serenity! Away I fly with the clouds in the skies, away from the circumstances of my destiny. My dreams go far beyond the barriers of fate, the oceans of life flow through my veins. Waves break, against the jutting rocks of time immemorial. While the flowers bloom within my torn heart,I look towards the distant stars and prepare for battle. So let the storm begin! Made up for the occasion of simply visiting your mind, after invading your eyes with my words, and making away with a minute of your time. Baron Ironblood

    • Knight of Cups!