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  • Jaymes K


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    "Can we go back to when we was young, an the world was at our feet, when all we had to worry about was what time we had to be in for our tea?"

    March 29, 2007



  • About Me

    • The music i love will tell you absolutley nothing about me LOL - i like all genres, all artists and just about any song you can think of - as long as it is GOOD and UNUSUAL an CATCHY...sure there is stuff i am more into than others...Pink Floyd, The Killers, The Libertines, Underworld, Faithless...but i am open to all offers regarding music -- but one thing i have 2 tell ya - if i aint got music around me I am DEAD. music is life. without music there would be no memories, no happy times and no bad times. I LOVE MUSIC. BIG TIME! There are some songs that have played a big part in my life.

    • i luv loadsa films but u can see i have 2 clear favourites...the champ (see video w/song "wonderful" by everclear) and trainspotting > i know..not xactly the same genre but hey..thats me 4 ya!!!!!!

    • I am unpredictable - you never no what to expect from me an thats why im me. I am deep, so deep you are gonna think you have sunk to the floor, you want the truth you'll get want me to tell you that your beautifal an i love ya - dont stick aint happening...i love poetry, dark stuff, but i luv 2 laugh and CRY 2 in equal measures. i am very MIXED up ov late an i need people to SURVIVE..

    • That is kinda hard for me to say, its not like i wanna big my self up is it? People say that when they meet me its like they have known me for years, you either love me or hate me, straight down the line. Oh an you know what im sick of people sayin ? "You are a good person, thats why your so special" - trust me - im not.

    • I am into loads of things but then again not that much, its true to say that I like all the things in life that are bad for that aint alwayz a good thing is it???You live an learn...or maybe you just live

    • WOW! my dreams? Do you mean for the future or those things I have when I close my tired eyes? Well I take it they mean the former...well my dreams are to keep dreamin' an one day it might turn out all day...maybe.

    • My kid, my best mate, my world. He is growin up now an has found the opposite sex and i am kinda sad bout that but hey he cant be a bay 4 ever can he? Do i have to elaborate? oe is my son an he is the most important thing to me, sorry if u r lookin 4 me 2 luv aint gonna happen, "period". Coz theres only one person whos ever gonna hav my heart 4 real - my little boy (sorry, my BOY, not little boy..sorry JJ) .. joe.

    • My past is dark and not always a good place to be looking back on...but whats done iz done an all i can do is hope that the next ten years will b better than the last.