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  • Mark Cyril Sanchez Jubay


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    Reef Nebula

    We are here to learn and grow spiritually.

    April 25, 2009






  • About Me

    • mellow music, classical music, free-style music, some rap. LOVESONGS

    • Earthlings, Home, Vegetarianism Documentary.


    • The Key to Immediate Enlightenment-Supreme Master Ching Hai. The Himalaya Unveils Mystery-PilotBaba.

    • Swim-Bike-Run, Sepak Takraw

    • reading spiritual books, meditation and sports.

    • To have a beautiful and loving partner. To visit beautiful places esp., bodies of water. To learn meditation.

    • physically, toned body.

    • I am into VEGANISM for the love and respect to these innocent animals we have been cruel of. I run in ultramarathons, do distant biking, and loves swimming as well. I have not been into a relationship before, since i am quite serious about love. They say i am a kind of hopeless romantic lol :)


    • Engineering in ANALOG DEVICES INC.

    • Cebuano, Tagalog, English.

    • with sense of humor. I do sing, privately, hehe. I do not drink liquor, nor smoke. I run thrice a week (for exercise, lol) I am also practicing Veganism (Plant-based diet) NGSB!

    • I always can give my time for my partner (whatever it is, as long as we are together).