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    mohd yusuff akhyar

    Im a Malaysian,A college student now!yeay!Btw,not really interested in a Serious Relationship ok!Plsss..

    March 12, 2007



    Bahasa Melayu, English

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    • Songs in my W880i Sony Ericsson.. All related to KOREAN..,malay,english,... ^SG Wannabe^Rain^Remioromen...

    • All related to KOREAN and JAPANESE movies/dramas.. Arghh..I have a bunch of fave moviessss...

    • Does My Head Looks Big in This by Randa Abdel Fattah,The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho,Reader Digest,Little Black Dress etc etc..

    • PORTUGAL & Manchester UniteD! LOVE Cristiano Ronaldo and Deco!

    • Im taking Diploma Tourism Management in KLMUC, hope to success in the course im taking. to have my own PERSIAN CAT,HOLLAND LOOP BUNNIE,HAMSTERS.. And lastly is kinda impossible.. I WANT TO MEET&DATE A "ZETTAI KARESHI" that is A MALAY MIX KOREAN GUY!! Am i too much for this one??hehe..Its a dream right??

    • tell me!

    • I wanna find a new friends..from all other countries..Especially KOREAN n JAPANESE friend..If you are not also u can add me(especially have the same interest)!To know more about me,pls leave come comments! Let's talk 'bowt our fave things! But,im very3 rarely on my MSN,so don't waste ur time..;))

    • Im so excited to hug my 1st nephew!! Anything related to tourism.. Plus..still watching KDramas,Jdoramas.. Searching for a movies to watch.. any recommendation comment me!