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  • Sterling L


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    Our story isn't where we start, it's where we take it to.

    June 9, 2010



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  • About Me

    • New Age, Techno, Country, Rap, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Classical and Sacride

    • 2012, Braveheart. Avatar, Dirty Dancing, Skyfall, OZ the great and Powerful, Man of Steel, Elysium, Pacific Rim, After Earth, The Great Gatsby and The Secret..

    • Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Wizard Wars, Million Dollar Money Drop, Big Brain Theory, Deal or No Deal, Through the Wormhole, Jump Ship, How do they do it, Million Dollar Rooms, History channel,Travel channel and National Geographic.

    • Think and grow rich, Unlimited power, See you at the top, Awaken the giant Within, Physics of the impossible, If it's going to be, It's up to me, Your best life now, You Were Born Rich.

    • Gymnist who are in the Olympics. Their like modern day Ninjas. My other games are soccer, football during the super bowl and tennis.

    • Learning and performing Magic, Creating and writing music, Always looking for the edge in life of how I can become more than what I'm currently demonstrating, Producing Movies, Free Energy Technology, money, freedom, women, phemonmenons, Treasure Hunting, outer space, teaching, The Science of Achievement and the Art of Fulfillment.

    • To design my present and future life the way I envisioned it. For the past does not equal the future. But it will if we live there. Whatever has happened in the past doesn't matter, because this is a fresh new opportunity. For when we talk about it, it's a dream. When we start to envision it, it gets exciting. When we get a plan, it's possible. But when we schedule it, it's real.

    • My eyes, being truthful to others, and resourcefulness.

    • My Videos on this page will let you know more of who I am. As of now I have 40 of them and tagged will not allow me to add anymore to my profile. To know more about me by seeing the rest you can watch my remaining past, present, and future motion pictures at