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  • Richard H


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    Looking for someone specail

    January 27, 2011





  • About Me

    • Mellow music, acoustic, 80s music Jack Johnson, my all time favorite is Richard Clapton.blues,miss all the old bands angles, midnight oil,chisel.Dave Matthews, Xavier Rudd, mark Seymour, Ben Harper.

    • Art house films, dramas and comedies. Current affairs and news, movies of later Avatar, Valentine’s Day. It’s complicated, also love Two and a half woman.

    • enjoy watching league and can watch a wide range of movies

    • Stephen King's On Writing, Stumbling on Happiness, The Right Questions. Oh, and look out--I'm now reading "The Male Brain," on the advice of a guy friend. Quite illuminating!

    • I love surfing; I have done it all my life. I like watching the footy.I like walking. I like skateboard riding,My friends and I get a lot of strange looks riding at our age but its fun. I like to play tennis now and then but very rusty.

    • I'm someone who has a lot to offer to the right partner. I'm happy with my life, alone but not lonely. I miss sharing it all with someone special. I enjoy long conversations, experiences, and romance. I want a best friend and companion first..and let nature take its course, if it is mutual and we want to marry that's a decision to be made later.I am at a point in my life where I want to spend some quality time with a mate that will share all life has to offer. I'm independent and self reliant but would love the Apportunity to have a partner again. Life is so wonderful and I know I am not meant to spend it alone. I'm easy going, never moody, open minded, witty, and intelligent. I laugh a lot and enjoy life. I think mutual respect and mutual admiration for each other is important.