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    i am here to meet real people

    September 6, 2012







  • About Me

    • like most of it all that will lift my soul

    • jude law, the bourne trillogy

    • dont watch tv

    • Gabriel Garcia Marquez. William Vollman.

    • just soccer

    • Music. Books. Kissing.

    • *Live in another country. *Play music. *Study classical and flamenco guitar. *Learn to play the piano. *Learn to sing. *Learn more languages. Many. *Study Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, Linguistics, Philology, History. *Start my own company. Again. What kind? It almost doesn't matter. How about computers, real estate, aviation? *Build web sites. *Write poetry, songs, a book...hmm, a screenplay? *Learn some form of martial arts; karate, Tai Chi. *Travel to different countries. Many of them. All of them.

    • : My butt. I sometimes have a beard and sometimes don't. It comes and goes...I can live with either.

    • I am easy going. I love spoiling that special someone with alot of attention. I use to draw and write poetry. I love watching the sun rise as the world comes alive while enjoying a good cup of coffee and my cigarette. I like to see the sun set and look at the moon and stars. I like to tinker on things. Mr. fix it if you can call it that LOL. I just like spending time with my family and you. I am honest, careing, faithful, trustworthy, and Loveing. Just take a chance and get to know me.

    • Live healthy and happy!! Do things today that you love and enjoy!! Live and love like there is no tomorrow!