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  • R.F Chandler


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    Don't forget the generations of Soldiers who have protected your freedoms.

    January 20, 2014






  • About Me

    • Hip hop, Blues, new school and many other depending on my mood.

    • Drama,action,cartoon and fictions.

    • News,fashion shows etc but my job keep me busy!

    • So many books besides news papers and some novel and still studying

    • Baseball ...

    • I have a beautiful life and have everything a man would need but still lack one true thing which i hope to find soon.

    • Not so sure,but will be obliged to tell you privately,lol.

    • My Name is R.F Chandler iii ,i would describe myself as a kindhearted person, sometimes too kind for my own good but that's the person i am.I am a very romantic person and likes to show my affections to a lady. I am into sports as its part of my hobby,Baseball my favorite and some other sports and i sure like swimmng when i get the chance,go to beach and talk nice. Walk in the Part. I love to travel and sight seeing, enjoy quit nights with someone special next to me and kissing is what i miss so much and would so cherish to feel that again if i am lucky.I have great sons, i call them gift from above as they are the only wonderful gift their mother left for me before she passed away and they are all grown ups.I'm not so sure what more to write as i have to withed some information due to my job. I will welcome any question if necessary, hopeful this site works. Bye.