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  • Frank P


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    I am looking for a serious relationship

    June 8, 2014







  • About Me

    • pink, Lady GaGa, Adam Lambert, Disney, Musicals, Dubstep, Avenged Sevenfold, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, occassionally will listen to Country Music.

    • Tim Burtin films, Pirates of the Carribean, Vampire Academy, Underworld, Seed of Chucky, Sucker punch.

    • nce Upon a time, Game of thrones, Glee, True Blood.

    • Charlene Harris, Anne Rice

    • Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Steelers Fan

    • Writing, singing, occassionally dancing, hanging out with friends, watching movies with that special someone.

    • when you are a kid you get asked repeatidly what you wanna be when you grow up. My answer would always be a rockstar.

    • I am tentative to meet new woman. The idea of for richer or poorer is something that I truly believe in. That means that people struggle and it is not time to run away when times get hard. I just want someone who is honest and unselfish. Someone who does not always have to be right. And someone who's entire life doesn't center around money. As for me I am a very honest and loyal lady whose whole life centers around . I went through a rough patch for a while but I have come out of it stronger and more enthusiastic than ever. I have not dated and wasn't sure if I wanted to. After time though, all wounds heal and I would like to meet someone that I could start slow with and see what happens. I have acquired a real zest for life and am not afraid to try something new. My main concern is for my daugther and you must be the right fit for her. he is 10 now and growing like a weed. she is a great kid and easy to get along with. If you would like to meet a nice woman,(yes they are still out there), who will always be there for you, then I look forward to talking to you.