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  • Ray Lautenschlager

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    I strongly believe in Equal rights for all fit parents after divorce or seperation. I have devoted 15 years to changing Ohio's custody law.

    November 2, 2007






  • About Me

    • My music runs the gambit for classical to punk.

    • Mostly classics, SCI-FI, action. Dr. Stranglove may be my all time favorite

    • Now and then but not much--mostly drama CSI, Law and Order

    • Most of what I read is law journals

    • College Football - Ohio State Auto Racing of all types

    • Computers, graphics, law

    • To gain equal legal and physical rights for every fit parent so I can have a normal life again.

    • My brain

    • Lead, follow or get out of the way.

    • A friend of mine sent me an email that asked you to discribe the person that sent it to you in one word. The responses I got about me were Passionate, Intense, Bulldog.Those 3 words sum up my approach to life. I set my goals and I go after them with everything that I have and I do NOT stop until I achieve the result.

    • Computers, graphics, Web Design My Son and my advocacy work

    • Equal Rights for all Fit Parents

    • and many more

    • I am here to meet new people. I am a flirt but it is all in fun, take nothing too serious.

    • Do not send me requests to play Mafia Wars. Thank You!!!!!

    • OK ladies, here is a tip for you on how to catch my eye and get my attention. Cover the tatas, cover the tats, we hook and I will see them soon enough. Recent photos that show the whole you not some fantasy creature. My photos are recent and real and are backed by video.

    • Anyone that would like to speak with me can use Skype. nopeakron is my ID there.